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Knowing Your Roots: Object-Oriented Binary Search Trees Revisited

Summary: Knowing Your Roots:
Object-Oriented Binary Search Trees Revisited
Joel C. Adams
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
By applying object-oriented design to the definition of
a binary search tree, Berman and Duvall [1] designed a data
structure comprised of three classes: (i) an EmptyBST class
to model empty binary search trees, (ii) a NonEmptyBST
class to model non-empty binary search trees, and (iii) a
BST base class for common attributes of EmptyBST and
NonEmptyBST objects. That paper noted the problem of
inserting new values into such a structure: since insertions
occur at an EmptyBST object, an EmptyBST would have to
"turn into" a NonEmptyBST; a behavior beyond the
capabilities of the classes in most languages.
This paper presents three C++ solutions to the


Source: Adams, Joel - Department of Computer Science, Calvin College


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences