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IP 2000 Conference 23. / 24. October 2000 Page 1 25/8/00

Summary: IP 2000 Conference 23. / 24. October 2000
Page 1 25/8/00
Low Power Macro Component Library Framework
for the Design and Verification of DSP IPs
for Hearing Aid Applications
Erich Zwyssig, Tughrul Arslan
Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, University of Edinburgh,
Kings Buildings, Mayfield Road, Edinburgh, EH9 3JL, Scotland U.K.
Phone: ++44 131 650 1000; Fax: ++44 131 650 5155
erich.zwyssig@ieee.org, tughrul.arslan@ee.ed.ac.uk
1. Abstract
The aim of this work is the development of macro components for the rapid design and verifi-
cation of DSP system IPs for hearing aid applications. Hearing aid devices have challenging
power and area requirements due to the small battery capacitance and limited volume. For this
reason the macro components are specified tailored for low power operation. A unified power
reduction strategy is employed in the design of the library which targets the reduction of dynam-
ic switching power of the complete IP system through reduction in the amount of switched ca-
pacitance within its constituent components. Individual macro components are associated with
dedicated BIST circuitry, for blocks such as memory or MAC, which maintain low power fea-
tures while achieving high fault coverage. The library framework comprises of components,


Source: Arslan, Tughrul - School of Engineering and Electronics, University of Edinburgh


Collections: Engineering