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Pump probe imaging of nanosecond laser induced bubbles in agar gel

Summary: Pump probe imaging of nanosecond
laser induced bubbles in agar gel
R. Evans and S. Camacho-Lopez
Centro de Investigacion Cientifico y Educacion Superior de Ensenada, Baja California,
Mxico, 22860
F. Perez and G. Aguilar
UC Riverside, Irbine CA, 90210
Abstract: In this paper we show preliminary results of of our pump-probe
laser machining stage used on 1mm thick agar gels to study Nd:YAG
laser induced bubbles formed by a 9ns, 532nm laser pulse tightly focused
inside the bulk of the gel sample. With our system we measured the the
bubble formation and shock wave speed with nanosecond and micrometer
resolution. The shock waves generated by the laser are shown to begin at
an eariler time during the laser pulse as the pulse energy increases. The
bubble created reaches a quasi-stable size that has a linear relation to the
maximum bubble size. The energy stored in the bubble is also shown to
increase nonlinearly with applied laser energy. We think that these last two
facts point to the role that laser produced plasma has in the production of
the bubble.


Source: Aguilar, Guillermo - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Riverside


Collections: Engineering