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BMC Neuroscience
Open AccessPoster presentation
Multimodal encoding in a cortical model for spatial navigation
Louis-Emmanuel Martinet*1,2,3, Denis Sheynikhovich1,2, Jean-Arcady Meyer3
and Angelo Arleo1,2
Address: 1UPMC Univ Paris 6, UMR 7102, F-75005, Paris, France, 2CNRS, UMR 7102, F-75005, Paris, France and 3UPMC Univ Paris 6, UMR 7222,
ISIR, F-75005, Paris, France
Email: Louis-Emmanuel Martinet* - louis-emmanuel.martinet@upmc.fr
* Corresponding author
According to experimental evidence, spatial navigation
planning is likely to rely upon a distributed neural net-
work spanning limbic and cortical brain structures. This
network includes (i) the hippocampus, which mediates
robust spatial representations, and (ii) neocortical struc-
tures, such as the prefrontal cortex, which participate in
the elaboration of more abstract contextual descriptions


Source: Arleo, Angelo - Laboratory of Neurobiology of Adaptive Processes, Université Pierre-et-Marie-Curie, Paris 6


Collections: Biology and Medicine