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Study Guide for Exam 3 Study Guide-Exam 3

Summary: Study Guide for Exam 3
Page 1
Study Guide- Exam 3
(covers Classes 3.1 through 3.7)
Class 3.1---03/08/07: DNA Recombination
Know the following terms:
Homologous recombination, bivalents, cross over, chiasmata, recombination joint, branch
migration, patch recombinant, splice recombinant, Holiday structure, D loop, synaptonemal
complex, synapsis, axial elements, lateral elements, central element, cohesions, zip proteins, Hop
proteins, Spo11 protein, RecA, RecBCD complex, chi sequence, Topoisomerase I,
Topoisomerase II, gyrase, integrase, Cre/LOX, intasome, attP sites, attB sites, attL sites, attR
sties, IHF host factors, intasome.
Understand the Following Concepts:
1. Know the structure of the homologous chromosomes as they pair during meiosis. Know that
each chromosome contains 2 sister-chromatids (replicated DNA).
2. Be able to describe the major points of the single-stranded break model of homologous
3. Be able to distinguish between a patch recombinant and a splice recombinant.
4. Understand how a Holiday junction explains alternative resolutions during recombination.
5. Be able to reproduce the double-stranded break model of homologous recombination. Know


Source: Andres, Andrew - School of Life Sciences, University of Nevada at Las Vegas


Collections: Biology and Medicine