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An Architecture For More Realistic Conversational James Allen, George Ferguson, Amanda Stent

Summary: An Architecture For More Realistic Conversational
James Allen, George Ferguson, Amanda Stent
Department of Computer Science
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627-0226
In this paper, we describe an architecture for conversational
systems that enables human-like performance along several
important dimensions. First, interpretation is incremental,
multi-level, and involves both general and task- and domain-
specific knowledge. Second, generation is also incremental,
proceeds in parallel with interpretation, and accounts for
phenomena such as turn-taking, grounding and interrup-
tions. Finally, the overall behavior of the system in the
task at hand is determined by the (incremental) results of
interpretation, the persistent goals and obligations of the
system, and exogenous events of which it becomes aware. As


Source: Allen, James F. - Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences