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CS 6100 Multi Agent Systems Spring 2011 Course Information Instructor

Summary: CS 6100 Multi Agent Systems Spring 2011 Course Information
Dr. Vicki Allan, Vicki.Allan@usu.edu, 429 Old Main, 797-2022
Office Hours:
TH 10:30-1200, TH 1:30-2:30 Other hours by appointment. Send email to set up.
Prerequisite: You are expected to be able to program well and be able to pick up a new language,
if needed. Some appreciation for parallelism is expected. You need to have had an operating
systems class.
There is absolutely no reason to come to this class late. I feel very strongly about this. This has
been a problem in the past and I will not allow it! When you come to class late, every person in the
room is distracted by your entrance (including your professor). You miss important material. You
are saying to your professor, ``My time and my schedule are more important than what you have
to teach me.''! On the job, if you don't come to work, you will be fired. If you come late, you will
be reprimanded. Come to class and come on time! It is good practice for the real world.
Cell Phones:
Please turn off cell phones before coming to class. When a cell phone goes off, it disturbs your
instructor and everyone else in the class. The penalty for allowing your cell phone to go off in
class is that you will be expected to bring treats for the whole class the next period!


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences