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Proofs of Storage from Homomorphic Identification Protocols Giuseppe Ateniese

Summary: Proofs of Storage from Homomorphic Identification Protocols
Giuseppe Ateniese
The Johns Hopkins University
Seny Kamara
Microsoft Research
Jonathan Katz
University of Maryland
Proofs of storage (PoS) are interactive protocols allowing a client to verify that a server faith-
fully stores a file. Previous work has shown that proofs of storage can be constructed from any
homomorphic linear authenticator (HLA). The latter, roughly speaking, are signature/message
authentication schemes where `tags' on multiple messages can be homomorphically combined to
yield a `tag' on any linear combination of these messages.
We provide a framework for building public-key HLAs from any identification protocol sat-
isfying certain homomorphic properties. We then show how to turn any public-key HLA into
a publicly-verifiable PoS with communication complexity independent of the file length and
supporting an unbounded number of verifications. We illustrate the use of our transformations


Source: Ateniese, Giuseppe - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University
Katz, Jonathan - Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences