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Nomination Form: External Examiner To: Associate Dean, FGSR

Summary: Nomination Form: External Examiner
To: Associate Dean, FGSR
From: The Academic Unit
The supervisor will consult with the head of the academic unit or designate to choose a nominee for External
Examiner, after which the supervisor is to verify that the nominee is willing to serve. The External Examiner for
Ph.D. theses must be from outside the University of Regina, and External Examiners for master's theses are to be
from outside the student's department/program.
Please Note: The External Examiner may not be: a current, or recent (last five years) collaborator (co-supervisor,
co-author, co-grant holder), either with the supervisor(s), the committee members or the student, an adjunct to the
academic unit, an associate member of the academic unit, a family member of the student or the student's
supervisory committee. If any of the criteria are not met, a prospective External Examiner is not necessarily
precluded from serving, but the academic unit will need to make a clear case of the circumstances to the Faculty of
Graduate Studies and Research.
Full Name of Student:
Nominee for External Examiner:
(A current CV is required if the nominee is not an accredited member of faculty).
Name & Title:
Rationale for choice:
Note: The External Examiner is expected to participate in the thesis defense in person, by conference,


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics