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Automatically Composing Data Work ows with Relational Descriptions and Shim Services?

Summary: Automatically Composing Data Work ows with
Relational Descriptions and Shim Services?
Jose Luis Ambite and Dipsy Kapoor
University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
4676 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, CA 90292, USA,
fambite, dipsyg@isi.edu, http://www.isi.edu/~argos
Abstract. Many scienti c problems can be represented as computa-
tional work ows of operations that access remote data, integrate het-
erogeneous data, and analyze and derive new data. Even when the data
access and processing operations are implemented as web or grid ser-
vices, work ows are often constructed manually in languages such as
BPEL. Adding semantic descriptions of the services enables automatic
or mixed-initiative composition. In most previous work, these descrip-
tions consists of semantic types for inputs and outputs of services or a
type for the service as a whole. While this is certainly useful, we argue
that is not enough to model and construct complex data work ows.
We present a planning approach to automatically constructing data pro-
cessing work ows where the inputs and outputs of services are relational
descriptions in an expressive logic. Our work ow planner uses relational
subsumption to connect the output of a service with the input of another.


Source: Ambite, Josť Luis - Information Sciences Institute & Department of Computer Science, University of Southern California


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences