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COMPUMAG 2007 #875 (OC2-5) 1 An Amplitude Formulation to Reduce the Pollution

Summary: COMPUMAG 2007 #875 (OC2-5) 1
An Amplitude Formulation to Reduce the Pollution
Error in the Finite Element Solution of
Time-Harmonic Scattering Problems
Christophe Geuzaine, Jacob Bedrossian, and Xavier Antoine
Abstract-- We present a procedure to gain significant accu-
racy in the finite element solution of electromagnetic scattering
problems at high wavenumbers. The technique relies on the
determination at a low computational cost of an approximate
solution around the scattering obstacle, which is then used to
formulate a alternate variational formulation in terms of a slowly-
oscillatory amplitude. Contrary to competing approaches, the
proposed method does not require any new finite element basis
functions, and can thus be easily implemented in existing finite
element codes.
Index Terms-- Electromagnetic scattering, short-wave prob-
lem, finite element methods, pollution, accuracy
Solving electromagnetic scattering problems in the fre-
quency domain using the finite element method (FEM)


Source: Antoine, Xavier - Institut de Mathématiques Élie Cartan, Université Henri Poincaré - Nancy 1


Collections: Mathematics