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The topo-approach to spatial representation and reasoning Marco Aiello

Summary: The topo-approach to spatial representation and reasoning
Marco Aiello
Dipartimento di Informatica e Telecomunicazioni
Via Sommarive 14 - 38050 Trento
Universit`a di Trento
Commonsense knowledge about the surrounding phys-
ical world and quantitative theories of space, such as
metric geometry, can be viewed as two extremes on how
human beings relate to space. Qualitative spatial rep-
resentation and reasoning places itself in between these
two approaches. Qualitative spatial reasoning is a set of
high-level theories which abstract from the quantitative
details and attempt to mimic the human commonsense
knowledge about space as much as possible. Successful
approaches to spatial reasoning may impact many ap-
plication areas of AI, most notably, robotics, computer
vision in its broader sense, and natural language pro-


Source: Aiello, Marco - Institute for Mathematics and Computing Science, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences