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Effectiveness of TimerBased Connection Management Mechanisms for IP/ATM Networks

Summary: Effectiveness of Timer瑽ased Connection
Management Mechanisms for IP/ATM Networks
Mahbub Hassan, Richard Egudo and Kieran Power
ATM Research Lab
School of Computing & Information Technology
Monash University, Gippsland Campus
Churchill, Victoria 3842, Australia.
Tel: +61񪏝902 6568, Fax: +61񪏝902 6842
Email: mahbub.hassan@fcit.monash.edu.au
Mohammed Atiquzzaman
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
The University of Dayton
Dayton, Ohio 454690226, USA.
Tel: +1513229 3611, Fax: +1513229 2471
Email: atiq@engr.udayton.edu
Abstract. A timer璪ased connection management mechanism has been
recently standardised to manage ATM connections dynamically for trans
porting IP traffic over ATM networks. However, implementing timers
will increase the complexity and cost of ATM network interface cards.
In this paper, the effectiveness of timer璪ased connection management


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences