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Math 4036 Fall 2007 Complex Variables P. Achar

Summary: Math 4036 Fall 2007
Complex Variables P. Achar
Course Information
Professor: Pramod N. Achar
Office: 266 Lockett Hall
Phone: 578-7990
E-mail: pramod@math.lsu.edu
Office hours: Tues. 2:00pm­4:00pm or by appointment
Course outline. This semester, we will cover parts of Chapters 1­7 of Complex Variables and Applications
(7th edition, McGraw­Hill, 2004) by J. W. Brown and R. V. Churchill, roughly by the following schedule:
Chapter 1: Complex Numbers 1 week
Chapter 2: Analytic Functions 3 weeks
Chapter 3: Elementary Functions 1 week
Chapter 4: Integrals 2 weeks
Chapter 5: Series 2 weeks
Chapter 6: Residues and Poles 2 weeks
Chapter 7: Applications of Residues 2 weeks
Homework. Homework problems will be assigned in nearly every class. Each week, I will specify one or
two problems that are to be handed in. You may certainly work together on the homework, but for problems
to be handed in, you must write up your solutions on your own. I will not accept late homework, but I will


Source: Achar, Pramod - Department of Mathematics, Louisiana State University


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