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NonBlocking Synchronization and ObjectOriented Operating System Design C. Scott Ananian

Summary: Non­Blocking Synchronization and Object­Oriented Operating System Design
C. Scott Ananian
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA 02139
Mutual exclusion is typically employed for multiprocess
synchronization. However, Massalin and Pu [MP91], and
Greenwald and Cheriton [GC96] have implemented com­
plete operating systems using non­blocking synchronization
instead of mutual exclusion. Although most operating sys­
tems are implemented using procedural languages, both of
these systems have significant object­oriented characteris­
tics. We show the interaction of non­blocking synchroniza­
tion and object­oriented language design for operating sys­
tems, and present a proposal for an implementation of the
Java programming language with non­blocking synchroniza­
tion based on functional arrays. We present an experimental
plan to run portions of a Java operating system under our


Source: Ananian, C. Scott - One Laptop Per Child


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences