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Fast Cryptographic Primitives and CircularSecure Encryption

Summary: Fast Cryptographic Primitives and
Circular­Secure Encryption
Based on Hard Learning Problems
Benny Applebaum # , David Cash, Chris Peikert ## , and Amit Sahai # # #
1 Princeton University
2 Georgia Institute of Technology
3 SRI International
Abstract. The well­studied task of learning a linear function with er­
rors is a seemingly hard problem and the basis for several cryptographic
schemes. Here we demonstrate additional applications that enjoy strong
security properties and a high level of e#ciency. Namely, we construct:
1. Public­key and symmetric­key cryptosystems that provide security
for key­dependent messages and enjoy circular security. Our schemes
are highly e#cient: in both cases the ciphertext is only a constant
factor larger than the plaintext, and the cost of encryption and de­
cryption is only n · polylog(n) bit operations per message symbol in
the public­key case, and polylog(n) bit operations in the symmetric
2. Two e#cient pseudorandom objects: a ``weak randomized pseudo­


Source: Applebaum, Benny - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Weizmann Institute of Science


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences