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Mathematics 221B-Graduate Algebra Spring 2012

Summary: Mathematics 221B-Graduate Algebra
Spring 2012
Instructor: Professor R. Alperin, Duncan 239, Phone: 924-5066,
E-mail: alperin@math.sjsu.edu, Office hours: 4:30-5:30 M or by appoint-
Text: Basic Algebra I by N. Jacobson, Dover Publications, 2009
Course: The goal of this course is a continuation of the basic algebraic
structures: groups, rings, fields and modules. Most of the class time will
be spent covering the material from the text with further explanations as
needed. Some class time may involve student presentation of homework
Each student should keep a homework notebook with solutions to assigned
exercises on separate pages. Selected problems will be collected every other
week for grading. Final grade will be based on homework notebook, take-
home and in-class exams, and a comprehensive final exam.
Topics will be taken from the following, as time permits.
Chapter 4: Fields and Galois theory
Assignment: 4.1: 1, 2, 5, 8; 4.2: 2, 3; 4.3: 1,2,3; 4.4: 5;
Assignment: 4.5: 1, 3, 5 ; 4.7 2, 6; 4.8: 6-10
Assignment: 4.11: 3 ; 4.14 1,4; 4.16: 4


Source: Alperin, Roger C. - Department of Mathematics, San Jose State University


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