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Organization Monday, January 23th, 2012

Summary: Organization
Monday, January 23th, 2012
1:00-3:00PM @
Thomson Hall Room 317
Dr. Suk-Young Kim
Twice Crossing: Performing Emotional
Citizenship in the Korean DMZ
The Korean Demilitarized zone may be a small strip of land, but it
must be counted among the most dramatic places on earth, having
provided passage for defectors, spies, political emissaries, sepa-
rated families, war prisoners, cultural troupes, environmental ac-
tivists, and tourists alike. For both South and North Koreans, one
of the reasons that the DMZ figures so prominently as a prime site of national trauma is that so few
Koreans are able to cross it. Crossing the DMZ is never simply a neutral matter of traversing the bor-
der between North and South, but instead a high stakes performative act with consequences for the
successful border-crosser, such as ideological reorientation, emotional deterritorialization and reterri-
torialization. Their acts have transformed this allegedly neutral space into a site for the reenactment of
complex political and emotional affiliations.
This lecture looks into a specific kind of political border crosser who transgresses the most strictly
guarded inter-Korean border not only once, but twice: the first time to the other side, and the second


Source: Anderson, Richard - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences