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Formaldehyde RNA Gel Wear gloves.

Summary: 29
Formaldehyde RNA Gel
Wear gloves.
Use tips and tubes that are RNase-free and reserved for RNA use only.
Treat Electrophoresis Apparatus:
1. Wash gel apparatus with mild detergent. Rinse with dH20. Dilute 30% H202 to 3%. Fill apparatus
with 3% H202. Submerge comb and dams. Treat for 10 minutes. Pour off all of the H202 solution.
2. Rinse apparatus with dH2O. Rinse three times with DEPC-treated dH2O. After each rinse, pour off
all dH2O. Small amounts of residual H202 will degrade RNA!
Pour, Load, and Run Gel:
1. Pour a 0.8-1.2% agarose gel.
GIBCO/BRL Pharmacia Pharmacia
Gel Volume 100 ml 75 ml 300 ml
dH20 74 ml 55.5 222
1% Agarose 1 g 0.75 g 3 g
10X MOPS 10 ml 7.5 ml 30 ml
37% Formaldehyde 16 ml 12 ml 48 ml
Tank (1X MOPS) 0.75 L 0.25 L 2 L
Comb Teeth 14 11 22
Volume per well 20 l 20 l 20 l


Source: Aris, John P. - Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Florida


Collections: Biology and Medicine