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Grassmannian Packings from Operator Reed-Muller Alexei Ashikhmin

Summary: 1
Grassmannian Packings from Operator Reed-Muller
Alexei Ashikhmin
Mathematics of Communications Research Department
Bell Labs, Alcatel-Lucent
Email: aea@research.bell-labs.com
A. Robert Calderbank
Department of Mathematics
Princeton University
Email: calderbank@math.princeton.edu
Abstract This paper introduces multidimensional generaliza-
tions of binary Reed Muller codes where the codewords are
projection operators, and the corresponding subspaces are widely
separated with respect to the chordal distance on Grassmannian
space. Parameters of these Grassmannian packings are derived
and a low complexity decoding algorithm is developed by
modifying standard decoding algorithms for binary Reed Muller
codes. The subspaces are associated with projection operators
determined by Pauli matrices appearing in the theory of quantum


Source: Ashikhmin, Alexei - Enabling Computing Technologies, Bell Laboratories


Collections: Engineering; Mathematics; Computer Technologies and Information Sciences