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Globalization and Soybean Expansion into Semiarid Ecosystems of Argentina

Summary: Globalization and Soybean Expansion
into Semiarid Ecosystems of Argentina
Deforestation is the product of complex
interaction among local idiosyncratic
properties of natural and social systems
and driving forces that commonly operate
at large spatial scales (1). Social and
economic globalization, particularly re-
duced communication and transportation
barriers, has increased the relative impor-
tance of global drivers of environmental
change (e.g. deforestation). For example,
agriculture expansion is increasingly influ-
enced by technological changes that are
rapidly disseminated worldwide (2) and by
changes in consumption patterns of a few
countries that have a disproportionate
influence on the global markets because
of their large population (e.g. China) or
high levels of consumption (e.g. USA,


Source: Aide, Mitchell - Department of Biology, Universidad de Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology