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Novel gas-doping technique for local spectroscopic measurements in pulsed-power systems

Summary: Novel gas-doping technique for local spectroscopic measurements
in pulsed-power systems
R. Arad,a)
L. Ding,b)
and Y. Maron
Faculty of Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100 Rehovot, Israel
Received 14 October 1997; accepted for publication 15 December 1997
A novel method for doping plasmas in pulsed-power experiments with gaseous elements has been
developed. A fast gas valve, a nozzle, and a skimmer are used to generate an ultrasonic gas beam
that is injected into a planar-geometry microsecond plasma-opening switch POS . An array of
ionization probes with relatively high spatial and temporal resolutions was developed for diagnosing
the absolute injected-gas density and its spatial profile. The properties of the gas column were also
studied using spectroscopy of line emission that results from the interaction of the doped gas with
the POS prefilled plasma. The doped column is found to have a width of 1 cm and a density of
(0.81.7) 1014
cm 3
. Observations of characteristic emission lines from the doped atoms and
their ions allow for various spectroscopic measurements, such as the magnetic field from Zeeman
splitting and the ion velocity distributions from Doppler shifts, that are local in three dimensions. It
is shown that this gas doping technique can also be used to study proton-dominated plasmas that


Source: Arad, Ron - Department of Particle Physics,Weizmann Institute of Science


Collections: Plasma Physics and Fusion