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When Did the Anthropocene Begin? Observations and

Summary: JEK - 2011
When Did the Anthropocene Begin?
Observations and
Climate Model Simulations
by John Kutzbach
University of Wisconsin-Madison
March 31, 2011
Colleagues: W. Ruddiman, S. Vavrus, G. Philippon-Berrthier
JEK - 2011
Main Points
Late interglacial CO2 and CH4 trends of previous
interglacials differ from the Holocene trends. Why?
Simulations of 3 climate states with CCSM3 help describe
earlier climates and explore possible feedbacks:
PD=present day (NCAR control)
PI =pre-industrial (Otto-Bliesner et al, J Climate, 2006)
NA=no anthropogenic forcing (hypothetical GHG forcing for
late interglacial conditions; Kutzbach et al, Climatic Change, 2010)
Partitioning of changes: NA PD = (NA-PI) + (PI-
PD)shows greater sensitivity of climate to increases of


Source: Anisimov, Mikhail - Institute for Physical Science and Technology & Department of Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Physics; Materials Science