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JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY 35: 4653, 2004 Limited dispersal by Nazca boobies Sula granti

Summary: JOURNAL OF AVIAN BIOLOGY 35: 46­53, 2004
Limited dispersal by Nazca boobies Sula granti
Kathryn P. Huyvaert and David J. Anderson
Huyvaert, K. P. and Anderson, D. J. 2004. Limited dispersal by Nazca boobies Sula
granti. ­ J. Avian Biol. 35: 46­53.
We documented natal and breeding dispersal at several spatial scales by Gala´pagos
Nazca boobies Sula granti, a wide-ranging pelagic seabird. We found exceptionally
low degrees of both types of dispersal despite these birds' vagility. Median natal
dispersal distances were 26 m and 105 m for males and females, respectively. Median
breeding dispersal distances for both sexes were 0 m. No natal or breeding dispersals
occurred from our study site at Punta Cevallos, Isla Espan~ola to six other colonies in
the Gala´pagos, but we did document four long-distance natal dispersals from Punta
Cevallos to islands near the South American coast. Recaptures and dead recoveries
of ringed birds showed long distance non-breeding movements to the Central
American coast and elsewhere in the eastern Pacific, contrasting with the very limited
dispersal to breeding sites.
K. P. Huy6aert and D. J. Anderson (correspondence), Dept. of Biology, Wake Forest
Uni6ersity, Winston-Salem, NC, USA 27109­7325, E-mail: da@wfu.edu. Present
address of K. P. Huy6aert: Dept. of Biology, Uni6ersity of Missouri-St. Louis, St.
Louis MO 63121­4499.


Source: Anderson, David J. - Department of Biology, Wake Forest University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology