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Space Efficient Fair Queuing by Stochastic Memory Multiplexing

Summary: Space Efficient Fair Queuing
by Stochastic Memory Multiplexing
Yehuda Afek \Lambda Yishay Mansour y Zvi Ostfeld z
Computer Science Department,
Tel­Aviv University, Israel 69978.
February 6, 1998
We propose a new scheme for multiplexing buffer space between flows contending for
the same output port. In our scheme messages of the different flows are serviced in either
Round­Robin or almost Round­Robin order, thus supporting fair queuing. Our scheme is
both simple for hardware implementation and achieves high buffer space utilization (by
taking advantage of statistical multiplexing between the flows). Therefore our scheme
enjoys from both the simplicity of the hardware queue per flow scheme and the space
efficiency of the linked­list based dynamic scheme, suggesting an attractive compromise
between the two extremes.
Keywords: Fair Queuing, Round­Robin, Deficit Round­Robin, Weighted Fair
Queuing, Switch Architecture, Stochastic Multiplexing
1 Introduction
We address the problem of sharing buffer space between backlogged flows that pass through


Source: Afek, Yehuda - School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences