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Building Distributed Context-Aware Applications Tore Urnes, Arne S. Hatlen , P al S. Malm, and ystein Myhre

Summary: Building Distributed Context-Aware Applications
Tore Urnes, Arne S. Hatlen  , Pal S. Malm, and ystein Myhre
Telenor Research and Development
Postboks 83, N-2027 Kjeller, Norway
+47 63 84 84 00
Context-aware applications gather information about their users and operating environment
from sensors. Sensors are physically distributed, need to be shared among many applications,
and o er complicated programmatic interfaces. As a result, context-aware applications are
hard and time-consuming to develop. To simplify the development task, we have tried using
the Jini dynamic discovery protocol as a support infrastructure for context-aware applications.
We present several context-aware applications developed using the infrastructure and discuss
our experiences.
1 Introduction
Context-aware applications gather contextual knowledge about their users and operating environ-
ment. Contextual knowledge is typically obtained from time-varying sensory data|in real time
and sometimes after making inferences. Equipped with knowledge about the current situation of
usage, context-aware applications are able to automatically perform appropriate actions without
the user needing to request them explicitly. Hence, it is believed that context-aware applications


Source: Abowd, Gregory D. - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences