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Bird Numbers 10 (2)December 2001 I am studying the acoustics of the frog genus

Summary: Bird Numbers 10 (2)December 2001
I am studying the acoustics of the frog genus
Cacosternum (Anura: Petropedetidae) in the
Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. Although
five different taxa of the genus Cacosternum
have been reported from the Eastern Cape
and KwaZulu-Natal, spectrograms of basic
advertisement calls have been published for
only two of these species, i.e. C. boettgeri
and C. nanum. To date no detailed analyses
have been published to describe the call dy-
namics of these two or the three other spe-
cies. The different frog call types function in
mate recognition and some determine inter-
male spacing in choruses. The acoustic rep-
ertoire of Cacosternum species may in fact
be even more diverse: diversity may be influ-
enced by factors including inter and intra-
specific interactions, antiphony, chorus size,


Source: Altwegg, Res - Avian Demography Unit, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Cape Town


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology