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Turning on the Olis DSM CD 1 Turn on the lamp cooling box.

Summary: page 1
Turning on the Olis DSM CD
1 Turn on the lamp cooling box.
2 Turn on the nitrogen flow to the lamp and
monochromator to at least 6 L per min. Higher flow rates
in the monochromator should be used if data are to be
taken before 200 nm.
3 Turn on the power supply for the lamp.
4 Press and hold the ignite button until lamp ignites. Ensure
that the current to the lamp does not exceed 7.5 Amps.
5 Turn on the main power switch at the power strip.
4 Turn on the computer and open GlobalWorks program.
5 Select the Data Collection tab and double click on Conv CD.
6 The spectrophotometer will initialize and calibrate.
Changing CD units of data collection
One may choose from several units of data collection in
the Parameters tab under CD Units.
Milliabsorbance: Reports data as the difference in
absorbance of left circularly polarized light and right
polarized light. (AbsLeft-AbsRight)


Source: Akhmedov, Azer - Department of Mathematics, University of California at Santa Barbara


Collections: Mathematics