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Electron Orbits in Solar Reconnecting Current C. Gontikakis

Summary: Electron Orbits in Solar Reconnecting Current
C. Gontikakis£
, C. Efthymiopoulos£
and A. Anastasiadis
Academy of Athens, Research Center of Astronomy and Applied Mathematics,
Soranou Efessiou 4, GR-11527 Athens Greece.

National Observatory of Athens, Institute for Space Applications and Remote sensing 15236
Penteli Greece
Abstract. We investigate the orbits of charged particles (electrons) that interact with a 3D-solar
type reconnecting current sheet (RCS). The magnetic field used is a linearized Harris type model.
Particles are accelerated by a super-Dreicer electric field. Taking advantage of the translational
symmetries of the fields, the orbits computation is simplified to integration of the equations of
motion in a Hamiltonian of two degrees of freedom. The application of canonical transformations,
constructed with Lie series, transforms the Hamiltonian to a normal form. The conditions for which
electrons are trapped in the RCS are derived analytically. For escaping particles, the amount of final
kinetic energy gain or loss is described with analytical expressions that are in good agreement with
the numerical results.


Source: Anastasiadis, Anastasios - Institute for Space Applications and Remote Sensing, National Observatory of Athens


Collections: Physics