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Communication Optimizations for Global Multi-Threaded Instruction Scheduling

Summary: Communication Optimizations for Global Multi-Threaded
Instruction Scheduling
Guilherme Ottoni David I. August
Department of Computer Science
Princeton University
{ottoni, august}@princeton.edu
The recent shift in the industry towards chip multiprocessor (CMP)
designs has brought the need for multi-threaded applications to
mainstream computing. As observed in several limit studies, most
of the parallelization opportunities require looking for parallelism
beyond local regions of code. To exploit these opportunities, es-
pecially for sequential applications, researchers have recently pro-
posed global multi-threaded instruction scheduling techniques, in-
cluding DSWP [16] and GREMIO [15]. These techniques simulta-
neously schedule instructions from large regions of code, such as
arbitrary loop nests or whole procedures, and have been shown to
be effective at extracting threads for many applications. A key en-
abler of these global instruction scheduling techniques is the Multi-
Threaded Code Generation (MTCG) algorithm proposed in [16],


Source: August, David - Department of Computer Science, Princeton University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences