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1080-241X/06 $20.00 2006 IEEE 143 Performance Enhancement by

Summary: 1080-241X/06 $20.00 2006 IEEE 143
Performance Enhancement by
Eliminating Redundant Function Execution
Peng Chen, Krishna Kavi and Robert Akl
Computer Science and Engineering Department
University of North Texas
{pc0043, kavi, rakl}@cs.unt.edu
Programs often call the same function with the
same arguments, yielding the same results. We call
this phenomenon, "function reuse". Previously, we
have shown such a behavior for some of the
SPEC2000 integer benchmarks using HP ATOM
instrumentation tools. However, this required
extensive analysis by hand, and assumptions
regarding side-effects caused by functions. In this
paper, we modified a well-known architecture
simulator, SimpleScalar, to analyze multiple
benchmarks to investigate the function reuse


Source: Akl, Robert - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of North Texas


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences