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Question 1: Inducing large scale alignment in microphase separated block copolymers

Summary: Question 1: Inducing large scale alignment in microphase separated block
Block copolymers are macromolecules composed of blocks of chemically distinct repeat
units. The different blocks are thermodynamically incompatible but the chemical link
between the blocks prevents phase separation on a macroscopic length scale. The blocks
do phase separate on a nanometer scale (termed microphase separation).
There exists both a wide variety of experimental results and a wide range of theoretical
models to attempt to explain the morphology and microstructure alignment of thin film
block copolymers. The matter is of both basic scientific importance and of technological
relevance in view of the important role played by polymer films in industry and
Discuss the thermodynamics and kinetics of microphase separation in block copolymers
focusing on the differences between thin film and bulk morphologies. Propose
experiments that could be performed to induce large-scale alignment of this nanoscale
morphology in thin films
Your proposed experimental plan should include a detailed protocol, including
what materials and equipment you would use, and a full experimental procedure. You
should also address the following issues:
1) Why did you choose the specific experiment?
2) What information will it provide which is different/superior than other experiments


Source: Anisimov, Mikhail - Institute for Physical Science and Technology & Department of Chemical Engineering and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Physics; Materials Science