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Session T1A 978-1-4244-1970-8/08/$25.00 2008 IEEE October 22 25, 2008, Saratoga Springs, NY

Summary: Session T1A
978-1-4244-1970-8/08/$25.00 ©2008 IEEE October 22 ­ 25, 2008, Saratoga Springs, NY
ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference
Work in Progress - Achieving the ABET
professional Skills Using Solidarity Projects
Javier Alonso, David López, Josep-Llorenç Cruz, Carlos Álvarez, Daniel Jimenez-González, Agustín Fernández
and Fermín Sánchez
Technical University of Catalonia, Computer Architecture Dep., alonso@ac.upc.edu, david@ac.upc.edu, cruz@ac.upc.edu,
djimenez@ac.upc.edu, calvarez@ac.upc.edu, agustin@ac.upc.edu, fermin@ac.upc.edu.
Abstract - Traditionally, engineering studies have focused
on preparing students technically and given little
importance to social or ethical aspects, nor the ability to
work in multi-disciplinary teams. Currently though,
these skills are an added value and have been included in
most prestigious centre´s curricula. As a result, they have
become a subject of study for the education community
and the focus of numerous papers. Correspondingly, the
Barcelona School of Informatics has developed a hardly


Source: Alonso, Javier - Departament d'Arquitectura de Computadors, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences