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Rethinking Hardware Support for Network Analysis and Intrusion Prevention

Summary: Rethinking Hardware Support for
Network Analysis and Intrusion Prevention
V. Paxson,1
K. Asanovi´c,2
S. Dharmapurikar,3
J. Lockwood,4
R. Pang,5
R. Sommer,1
N. Weaver1
The performance pressures on implementing effective
network security monitoring are growing fiercely due to
rising traffic rates, the need to perform much more so-
phisticated forms of analysis, the requirement for inline
processing, and the collapse of Moore's law for sequen-
tial processing. Given these growing pressures, we argue
that it is time to fundamentally rethink the nature of using
hardware to support network security analysis. Clearly,
to do so we must leverage massively parallel computing
elements, as only these can provide the necessary perfor-


Source: Asanovic, Krste - Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory & Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences