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1-800-OVERLAYS: Using Overlay Networks to

Summary: 1-800-OVERLAYS:
Using Overlay Networks to
Improve VoIP Quality
Yair Amir, Claudiu Danilov, Stuart Goose,
David Hedqvist, Andreas Terzis
NOSSDAV 2005 2
Voice over IP
To call or not to call
The Internet started as an overlay on top of the
telephone network
People expect high quality and reliable telephony
While not impressed by constant good quality, users are
easily disappointed by a few bad or dropped calls
High quality calls demand predictable performance
The best-effort service offered by the Internet was not
designed to offer any quality guarantees
Communication subject to dynamic loss, delay, jitter,
path failures
VoIP is interactive. Humans perceive delays at 100ms
NOSSDAV 2005 3


Source: Amir, Yair - Department of Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences