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State Aggregation using Network Flows for Stochastic Networks

Summary: State Aggregation using Network Flows for
Stochastic Networks
Venkatesh Sarangan, Donna Ghosh, Raj Acharya
Department of CSE, Penn State University, USA
Abstract-- QoS routing is the process of routing a connection
based on the connection's resource requirements. The overhead
involved in QoS routing increases with the network size. State
aggregation is an important technique that makes QoS routing
scalable. In this paper, we propose a new domain state aggrega-
tion technique based on "network-flows", for stochastic networks.
We propose a new fast heuristic algorithm to estimate the pmf of
"maximum-flow" through a probabilistic flow network. Using this
algorithm, we aggregate the bandwidth information in a domain
and use it along with the path aggregate for routing. Through
simulations, we show that stochastic estimation of traffic capacity
is better than deterministic estimation and gives a better band-
width admission ratio when compared with existing state aggrega-
tion techniques.


Source: Acharya, Raj - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences