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What have cordless phones got to do with shredders? Quite a lot at least for Michael Hnle, Managing Director of Mundo del Arte GmbH (also

Summary: What have cordless phones got to do with shredders? Quite a lot ­ at least
for Michael Hönle, Managing Director of Mundo del Arte GmbH (also
known as WimaxShop). Both these product groups are reliable sources
of turnover ­ though not the only ones ­ in the retail company's portfolio.
Other landline and mobile telephone types, radio systems, telephone
accessories, batteries (both ordinary and rechargeable), prefabricated
network and HDMI cables, adapter plugs, laminators and binders, all the
necessary consumables, and much more besides are similarly important
revenue generators. One could go on almost indefinitely: "Basically, we sell
anything that is sellable and that is an attractive proposition for us," says
Hönle, who is also the firm's proprietor. His range currently comprises
around 1500 items, but he cherishes ambitions on an altogether different
scale: "We want to increase our assortment to 20,000 products ­ in the
shortest possible time." Hönle, who has been a self-employed merchant
since 1985, hopes to realize this lofty goal with only a minimum of invest-
ment in personnel. Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) forms the backbone of his
expansion strategy by taking care of warehousing, shipping and logistics.
Today, Mundo del Arte, established in 2004, markets its product portfolio
exclusively online. The retail outlet that used to be operated in parallel
had to be closed down owing to a lack of profitability. In addition to its


Source: Apperly, Ian - School of Psychology, University of Birmingham


Collections: Biology and Medicine