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Engineering 10 Engineering Design and Analysis

Summary: 1
Engineering 10
Engineering Design and Analysis
Spring, 2009
Alice Agogino, Mechanical Engineering, Lecture Section 1, 2
Ray Seed, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Lecture Section 3
Xin Guo, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Lecture Section 4
Lectures 10 11 AM Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Sibley Auditorium, Jan. 21-Feb. 6)
Lab 2 5 PM Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, starting week of Feb. 9
Course Description
Engineering 10, Engineering Design and Analysis, is an introduction to the profession of engineering
and its different disciplines through a variety of modular design and analysis projects. Hands-on
creativity, teamwork, and effective communication are emphasized.
Common lecture sessions address the essence of engineering design, the practice of engineering
analysis, the societal context for engineering projects and the ethics of the engineering profession.
Students develop design and analysis skills, and practice applying these skills to illustrative problems
drawn from various engineering majors.
Dym, Clive, and Patrick Little with Elizabeth Orwin and R. Erik Spjut. Engineering Design: A Project-


Source: Agogino, Alice M. - Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California at Berkeley


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