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SVR: Practical Engineering of a Fast 3D Meshing Umut A. Acar1

Summary: SVR: Practical Engineering of a Fast 3D Meshing
Umut A. Acar1
, Beno^it Hudson2
, Gary L. Miller2
, and Todd Phillips2
Toyota Technological Institute
Carnegie Mellon University
Summary. The recent Sparse Voronoi Refinement (SVR) Algorithm for mesh generation has
the fastest theoretical bounds for runtime and memory usage. We present a robust practical
software implementation of the SVR for meshing a piecewise linear complex in 3 dimensions.
Our software is competitive in runtime with state of the art freely available packages on generic
inputs, and on pathological worse cases inputs, we show SVR indeed leverages its theoretical
guarantees to produce vastly superior runtime and memory usage. The theoretical algorithm
description of SVR leaves open several data structure design options, especially with regard
to point location strategies. We show that proper strategic choices can greatly effect constant
factors involved in runtime.
1 Introduction


Source: Acar, Umut - Programming Languages and Systems Group, Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems
Hudon, Benoit - Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences