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**Volume Title** ASP Conference Series, Vol. **Volume Number**

Summary: **Volume Title**
ASP Conference Series, Vol. **Volume Number**
c **Copyright Year** Astronomical Society of the Pacific
An Approach to the Exact Classification of Adiabatic Eigenmodes
of Stars
Masao Takata
Department of Astronomy, School of Science, University of Tokyo, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 113-0033, Japan
Abstract. The conventional classification of stellar eigenmodes into p modes, g
modes, and f modes has not been justified with mathematical completeness yet. Here,
we take an approach which is adopted in the field of (geo)seismology. The key point
is to transform the governing system of differential equations into an alternative system
in which the dependent variables are the wedge products of the standard variables (per-
turbed physical quantities). Based on the new system and with an assumption that any
two different eigenmodes with the same spherical degree do not have the same eigen-
frequency, we construct a scheme to define a unique index to each eigenmode, which
allows us to distinguish among the three kinds of eigenmodes unambiguously.
1. Introduction
It is standard that the eigenmodes of adiabatic oscillations of spherically symmetric


Source: Ahlers, Guenter - Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara


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