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2. Project description2 2.1. Vision, Mission and Goals4

Summary: 1
2. Project description2
2.1. Vision, Mission and Goals4
2.2. Overview6
Federal funding opportunity number NOAA-OAR-CIPO-2010-2002122 invites applications for7
a NOAA Cooperative Institute (CI) to support NOAA science and facilities in the Pacific8
Northwest. The proposed CI is to focus on seven research themes: (1) Ocean and Coastal9
Observations; (2) Climate Research and Impacts; (3) Environmental Chemistry; (4)10
Seafloor Processes; (5) Marine Ecosystems; (6) Protection and Restoration of Marine11
Resources; and (7) Tsunami Observations and Modeling. The proposed CI is to be12
established at a research institution having outstanding graduate degree programs in NOAA-13
related sciences. In addition, the CI is expected to promote the involvement of students and14
post-doctoral scientists in NOAA-funded research15
The following section of the proposal addresses the seven research themes. Because JISAO16
is already engaged in research in all these areas, each section provides a brief summary of17
current research and then describes future research directions over the next one to five18
years. Each section concludes with a short statement of expected outcomes. We chose to19


Source: Ackerman, Thomas P. - Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Geosciences; Environmental Sciences and Ecology