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Wireless medium access via adaptive backoff: Delay and loss minimization

Summary: Wireless medium access via adaptive backoff:
Delay and loss minimization
Gardar Hauksson and Murat Alanyali
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Boston University, Boston, MA 02215
E-mail: {gardarh,alanyali}@bu.edu
Abstract-- We consider packet transmission scheduling at the
MAC-layer via adaptive backoff algorithms that are favorable in
terms of queue occupancies in a wireless network. General net-
work topologies are considered under the operational constraint
that transmitters within close proximity of each other cannot be
transmitting simultaneously. Transmitters probe the channel at
random instants and transmit if the channel is idle. We adopt a
measurement based framework in which channel probing rates
are adaptively determined based on feedback measured from
the network. We consider two separate objectives associated with
minimization of packet delay and packet loss rate in the network.
We obtain dynamic algorithms that strictly improve channel
access rates in a related fluid model. Analytical development of
the algorithms is based on a convenient decomposition technique


Source: Alanyali, Murat - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Boston University


Collections: Engineering