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Photo:SuzanneRoss,USAIDIndia "Everything I've learned is new to

Summary: Photo:SuzanneRoss,USAIDIndia
"Everything I've learned is new to
me. I've been farming and tending
cows all of my life but now, when I
observe changes in my cows, I
know what to do. This program has
been a godsend."
--Female farmer, age 64.
Milk production increased after women
farmers learned improved dairy farming
techniques. With increased milk
production, the women are not only
improving their families' nutrition, they are
increasing their incomes by selling the
excess milk.
Enjoying the Cream of the Crop
Women farmers trained in
livestock management
practices increase incomes
About 40 percent of poor women farmers and their young


Source: Ansari, Aseem Z. - Department of Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin at Madison


Collections: Biology and Medicine