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1 INTRODUCTION In developing their IDDS theme, CIB have chosen

In developing their IDDS theme, CIB have chosen
the following definition of IDDS:
"Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions use
collaborative work processes and enhanced skills,
and integrated data, information, and knowledge
management to minimize structural and process in-
efficiencies and to enhance the value delivered dur-
ing design, build, and operation, and across
projects." (CIB 2009)
While recognizing that an IDDS comprises three
major aspects: people; process; and technology, the
people and process aspects of an IDDS will not be
considered in this paper. Instead the focus is fully on
technical aspects of an IDDS.
Limited forms of integration are offered through
BIM-based approaches offered by major CAD ven-
dors. These approaches are typically vendor specific
and tie together a small number of design tools (in
comparison to the thousands available in the mar-


Source: Amor, Robert - Department of Computer Science, University of Auckland


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences