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OsMADS51 Is a Short-Day Flowering Promoter That Functions Upstream of Ehd1, OsMADS14, and Hd3a1[W][OA]

Summary: OsMADS51 Is a Short-Day Flowering Promoter That
Functions Upstream of Ehd1, OsMADS14, and Hd3a1[W][OA]
Song Lim Kim2
, Shinyoung Lee2
, Hyo Jung Kim, Hong Gil Nam, and Gynheung An*
Division of Molecular and Life Sciences and Biotechnology Research Center, Pohang University of Science
and Technology, Pohang 790784, Republic of Korea
Although flowering regulatory mechanisms have been extensively studied in Arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana), those in other
species have not been well elucidated. Here, we investigated the role of OsMADS51, a type I MADS-box gene in the short-day
(SD) promotion pathway in rice (Oryza sativa). In SDs OsMADS51 null mutants flowered 2 weeks later than normal, whereas in
long days loss of OsMADS51 had little effect on flowering. Transcript levels of three flowering regulators--Ehd1, OsMADS14,
and Hd3a--were decreased in these mutants, whereas those of OsGI and Hd1 were unchanged. Ectopic expression of
OsMADS51 caused flowering to occur about 7 d earlier only in SDs. In ectopic expression lines, transcript levels of Ehd1,
OsMADS14, and Hd3a were increased, but those of OsGI and Hd1 remained the same. These results indicate that OsMADS51 is
a flowering promoter, particularly in SDs, and that this gene functions upstream of Ehd1, OsMADS14, and Hd3a. To further
investigate the relationship with other flowering promoters, we generated transgenic plants in which expression of Ehd1 or
OsGI was suppressed. In Ehd1 RNA interference plants, OsMADS51 expression was not affected, supporting our conclusion
that the MADS-box gene functions upstream of Ehd1. However, in OsGI antisense plants, the OsMADS51 transcript level was
reduced. In addition, the circadian expression pattern for this MADS-box gene was similar to that for OsGI. These results
demonstrate that OsMADS51 functions downstream of OsGI. In summary, OsMADS51 is a novel flowering promoter that


Source: An, Gynheung - Department of Life Science, Pohang University of Science and Technology


Collections: Biotechnology; Biology and Medicine