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VP (R&I) Response to the Review of the Centre on Aging and Health University of Regina

Summary: VP (R&I) Response to the Review of the Centre on Aging and Health
University of Regina
The Report of the unit review of the Centre on Aging and Health is strongly supportive of
the continuation of the activities of the centre. It is quite clear from the committee's review
that the CAH is not only meeting, but excelling, in its activities designed to advance its
The Unit Review committee provides eight recommendations.
Aging and Health Research
1. The successful strategies used to date be continued (e.g., CAH as a supportive
environment that provides seed funding and advice to those new to aging research) and
new opportunities be sought. To assist in this endeavor, it is recommended that the
CAH's constitution be re-visited and re-considered. It may prove beneficial to include
Vision and Mission statements that address the intended scope for the CAH.
It is agreed that the Director of CAH will continue to apply current successful strategies as
well as seek new opportunities. It is also agreed that in 2008-2009, the Office of the VP
(R&I) and the CAH will conduct a review of the centre's constitution with a particular
focus on its Vision and Mission statements and the role and composition of the Steering
Committee. Revisions to the constitution will be completed no later than April 30, 2009.
2. Target new faculty recruitment with CAH involvement as a priority.
Increased efforts will be made to acquaint new faculty through the hiring and orientation


Source: Argerami, Martin - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Regina


Collections: Mathematics