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Sensor Placement for Activity Detection using Wearable Accelerometers

Summary: Sensor Placement for Activity Detection using
Wearable Accelerometers
Louis Atallah, Benny Lo, Rachel King and Guang-Zhong Yang
Department of Computing
Imperial College London
London UK, SW7 2AZ
Email: (latallah, benlo, rck, gzy)@doc.ic.ac.uk
Abstract--Activities of daily living are important for assessing
changes in physical and behavioural profiles of the general pop-
ulation over time, particularly for the elderly and patients with
chronic diseases. Although accelerometers are widely integrated
with wearable sensors for activity classification, the positioning
of the sensors and the selection of relevant features for different
activity groups still pose interesting research challenges. This
paper investigates wearable sensor placement at different body
positions and aims to provide a framework that can answer the
following questions: (i) What is the ideal sensor location for a
given group of activities? (ii) Of the different time-frequency
features that can be extracted from wearable accelerometers,
which ones are most relevant for discriminating different activity


Source: Atallah, Louis - Department of Computing, Imperial College, London


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences