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HLA-Cw*0409N is Associated With HLA-A*2301 and HLA-B*4403-Carrying

Summary: HLA-Cw*0409N is Associated With
HLA-A*2301 and HLA-B*4403-Carrying
C. Pinto, A.G. Smith, C.E. Larsen, M. FernaŽndez-Vin~a,
Z. Husain, O.P. Clavijo, Z.C. Wang, B. Nisperos,
J.A. Hansen, C.A. Alper, and E.J. Yunis
ABSTRACT: The associations of HLA-B*4402 and
HLA-B*4403 with alleles of HLA-A and HLA-Cw were
investigated in panels of HLA-B*4403 and HLA-B*4402
homozygous individuals and in selected individuals car-
rying HLA-Cw*04 and HLA-B*4403. Some of these
individuals were genotyped and also carried (HLA-
DRB1*0701, DQB1*02). Among the latter, we studied
individuals carrying the conserved extended haplotype
(CEH) [HLA-Cw*04, B*4403, FC31, DRB1*0701,
DQB1*02]. Four different common (HLA-Cw*, B*44)
haplotypes were identified that extended to the HLA-A
locus: HLA-A*0201, Cw*0501, B*4402; HLA-A*2902,
Cw*1601, B*4403; HLA-A*2301, Cw*0401, B*4403;
and HLA-A*2301, Cw*0409N, B*4403. We identified


Source: Alper, Chester A. - Immune Disease Institute, Harvard University


Collections: Biology and Medicine