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2008-01-2108 Perceptual Challenges of Lunar Operations

Summary: 2008-01-2108
Perceptual Challenges of Lunar Operations
Mary K. Kaiser and Albert J. Ahumada, Jr.
NASA Ames Research Center
2008 SAE International Conference on Environmental Systems
Current plans to conduct operations near the lunar poles
will result in low sun angles, exacerbating visual
problems associated with shadowing and glare. We
discuss the perceptual challenges these conditions will
present to the human explorers, and consider some
possible mitigations and countermeasures.
NASA's Constellation Program currently proposes to
resume crewed exploration of the Moon in the 2020
timeframe, with missions to the polar regions more often
than the equatorial zones visited by Apollo. The lunar
environment provides different perceptual cues than
those available on Earth. There are no ambient sounds
or scents. The suits humans must wear to survive


Source: Ahumada Jr., Al - Vision Science and Technology Group, Human Factors Research and Technology Division, NASA Ames Research Center


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