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Reprint Series 11 August 1978, Volume 201, pp. 544-546

Summary: Reprint Series
11 August 1978, Volume 201, pp. 544-546
Iconic Storage: The Role of Rods
Edward H. Adelson
Copyright 1978 by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
Iconic Storage: The Role of Rods
Abstract. The hypothesis that rods mediate iconic storage was tested by present-
ing letters of one color against a field of another. The colors were chosen to be
discriminable only by the cones, only by the rods, or both. Under dark adaptation,
the rods had little if any effect on partial-report advantage; however, they were im-
portant in determining the phenomenal persistence of the stimulus. Under light ad-
aptation, the rods played no apparent role in either type of persistence.
The information in a briefly displayed
visual stimulus is not lost as soon as the
display ceases. Rather, it persists for a
fraction of a second, almost as if the
physical stimulus were still present.
This can be shown by the partial-re-
port technique introduced by Sperling


Source: Adelson, Edward - Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Department of Brain and Cognitive Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Collections: Biology and Medicine